Who we are

Frame Condé Nast’s Coffee Lounge Bar is managed in partnership with the renowned Milanese Pastry shop San Carlo with founding partner of the Italian bartenders association and Italian champion of the Rome-based National bartending competition, Alex Siliberto as house manager

Lounge bar

Our Services

Housed inside Frame Condé Nast Experience Store, Pasticceria San Carlo is open from Monday to Saturday, 7am to 10pm. The lunch offering consists of a selection of menus created by famed chefs while in the evening we welcome you for a Milanese-style aperitivo. The venue provides also a high quality catering & banqueting service and, upon request, can accommodate and organize bespoke special events


Keep in touch

Keep in touch for event and new collections.


Piazzale Luigi Cadorna 7, 20123 Milan

CAFETERIA - Opening times:
Mon/Sat 8 am - 6 pm
Phone 02.85612814

STORE - Opening times:
Mon/Fri 10.30 am - 5 pm
Phone 02.85613119



For information, reservations or events, contact us.